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Warrior (Aero-Marine) Ltd has EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) advanced assurance from HMRC.

Financial case

The advantages of the Ocean portfolio offer a compelling case for replacement sales among 11,500 active pre-1960s-technology seaplanes in addressing their limitations, including:

  • high operating costs
  • restrictive payload-range
  • restrictive seaworthiness
  • short airframe lives in saltwater
  • inability to access coastal facilities

Ocean amphibians are also candidates for replacing equivalent high-utility landplanes and helicopters that serve the maritime sector.

Additional to replacements, the Ocean seaplanes provide a major opportunity to expand the application for aviation. This will be achieved in both connecting inland airfields directly to the maritime sector and enabling services between swathes of highly valued destinations adjacent to open or navigable water, independent of airfields.

Offering step-change USPs to add substantial incremental product value in a market that already pays approximately twice as much per useful seat than in landplanes, the business promises to be highly profitable.

The two-year Phase 2 outputs are expected to make the company a target for M&A and enable favourable funding terms for Phase 3 and market entry.

Environmental case

Every opportunity will be taken to minimise the through-life carbon footprint of the Ocean seaplane project, aided by use of low-temperature cure resins in manufacture and recycling at the end of very long airframe lives.

In operation, the Ocean seaplanes will accumulate inherent environmentally beneficial advantages in:

  • flying point-to-point to relieve demands on secondary and tertiary surface transports and their infrastructure
  • taking pressures off building new airfields to leave forest and agricultural land in place
  • fundamentally raising transport efficiencies among current seaplanes and helicopters

Having greater load capacity and greater cruise efficiency than any equivalent seaplanes, aided by the high value of short-range services provided by seaplanes, electric Ocean seaplanes could enable widespread viable zero-emission operations ahead of any equivalent seaplane or landplane.

Community case

The Ocean seaplanes will take all types of footprint including noise during climb, out over water and away from populations.

Ocean seaplanes will enable economical services including emergency relief, medivac and remote community support, including where no other aircraft can serve.

The larger Ocean seaplanes will convert for water-bombing, using high-drop-rate water-scooping practices.

Investment sought

With the first of three Phases of work successfully completed, funding is sought for Phase 2. This is planned to enable exits in a two-year programme, in positioning all elements of the Ocean portfolio for fast-track commercialisation in Phase 3, then needing only established manufacturing skills and facilities.


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