Current directors

The three long-standing directors of Warrior are:

James Labouchere, CEO: James is the founder and chief architect of Warrior's original technology. He worked extensively in the manufacture of extreme yachts including round-the-world competitors. He has led the development of production techniques for complex composite submarine masts. He has led design of various extreme marine and land-based vehicles for which he has been granted a number of awards. These include the Silk Cut Nautical Award for Technical Innovation for his design of a multi-hull yacht. James built his first aircraft as a youth with which he won South West England Young Engineer for Britain and was runner-up at the final. He designed and built the world's fastest symmetric land yacht (113 mph).

Anthony Parker, CTO: Tony has worked within the aerospace and defence industries as project manager, design leader, bid manager and consulting engineer. He has gained broad experience from positions with GKN Westland Aerospace, Thales and Flight Refuelling. Areas of expertise are in management of the design process, configuration control and the development of specialist equipment. Tony led Warrior's GULL UAV programme.

Anthony Wood, Non-Exec Director: Tony has 23 years experience in the IT industry specializing in retail banking and payment systems. He was a founding Director and Chairman of an international software house focusing on self-service payment systems and card management software for multinational banking institutions with a client base in over 80 countries. Tony currently holds non-executive and management consultancy roles with an IT services Company and two aerospace engineering companies (including Warrior).

Though not currently a director, contributing at board level is Warrior’s former Financial Director:

David Verrill, FCA, Former Financial Director and active advisor:  David has forty years experience in both public and private accounting, finance and business administration. As a Certified Public Accountant, he has over fifteen year’s public accounting experience with Price Waterhouse & Co. (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) and his own regional firm in Portland, Maine.  He has been Chief Financial Officer of a variety of organizations, primarily US and international manufacturing firms in the material handling, plastic injection moulding, telecommunications and data medium industries.  

This board will be reconfigured and expanded as project finance is put in place, considering appointments from the team and incoming investors and partners.

Management and business development advisors and consultants

The following are advising the project.

Paul Scott – business manager: Paul is experienced in delivering technology innovation and managing multi-disciplinary teams across international boundaries. Paul spent the majority of his career working for WSP, one of the world's largest Consulting Engineering firms working on signature infrastructure and built environment projects. He has also designed and delivered innovative composite solutions to the power generation industry.

Jim Coates – project and business development manager: Jim is an experienced, general and business development manager. In the RAF he was responsible for helicopter and transport aircraft maintenance / component remanufacture, and latterly has developed the practical elements of the business models (currently in use). He has worked successfully with KBR / Brown & Root on Public Finance initiatives as Project Director, setting up and managing operating organisations.

David Hickson - manufacture: David qualified as a Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in 1978, working on seaplane refurbishments. He set up the Beechcraft sales / maintenance operations in Auckland. He set up Aerocare, specializing in repair/refurbishment of commercial aircraft cabin interiors, and repair/modification/refurbishment of business aircraft.

Martyn Ryan – finance: Martyn is the former COO of Genesis Investment Management, LLP and was formerly COO at Chuo Trust International Limited. Prior to this, he held positions in finance and investment banking at Kitcat & Aitken, Morgan Grenfell, and Schroder's. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants having qualified with Coopers and Lybrand and has completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Technical and engineering advisors and consultants

Keith Towell – certification specialist: Keith has had development roles in Canadair and British Aerospace. At Raytheon Corporate Jets, Keith was Project Design Manager responsible for the development and certification for the Hawker 800XP. He is a Visiting Professor in Aircraft Design at Kingston University and in Innovation in Engineering at the University of Southampton. Keith has made a major contribution from the start.

Michael Green – lead aerodynamicist: Mike has spent most of his career at British Aerospace working on civil and military transport aircraft. Having specialised in flight dynamics, he is familiar with the full range of aerodynamic activities. He was Chief Aerodynamicist at Woodford and Hatfield sites. Subsequently he has acted as technical consultant on a number of aircraft projects. Mike has been central to all Warrior's GULL and Ocean seaplanes aerodynamic development and assessment.

Dr Gordon Robinson – aerodynamics: Gordon is skilled with computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. His experience extends over 30 projects. He was responsible for all aerodynamic and performance aspects of the Farnborough F1 Kestrel project, and for aerodynamic design of Epic LT experimental category turboprop. He contracts through Optimal Aerodynamics. He has worked with Mike Green on all aspects of GULL and Ocean aerodynamics.

Norman Wijker – conceptual design: Norman is an aerospace consultant and was owner/ chief designer of Team Invictus international C class catamaran racing team. Norman's experience covers a swathe of aerospace disciplines, with a specific focus on structures. He has been involved in aircraft design, integration and structures research consultancy, including for Airbus Future Projects. He has contributed extensive conceptual design work on the Ocean 12 and Ocean 18.

Chris Burleigh – structures and aircraft design: Chris worked with GE Aviation as Technologies Leader Aerostructures to 2020. He was formerly Head of Stress at Hamble for Airbus. He has lead roles in the design, stress analysis, certification and construction of aircraft structures, powerplant and mechanical systems for fast-jets, UAV's and diverse general aviation aircraft. He was a project engineer for Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites. He has carried out stress analysis and engineering support in all GULL UAVs and Ocean seaplane designs to date.

Daniel O'Connor – cockpit and control systems: Daniel works broadly on human/machine interface matters, avionics and cockpit design on fixed wing and rotary aircraft. He has lately had lead roles on the new generation of cockpits for the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 which are pertinent to the Ocean 12 and 18. He is practiced with setting up and implementing Part 21 Design Organisation Approval.

Teaming to achieve zero-carbon emissions and other environmental objectives

This teaming is of the highest importance and driven by the Ocean seaplanes being ideal platforms for electric power. Warrior is in discussion with and being advised by a range of companies developing and supplying electric power and battery technologies, equipping the Ocean designs to accommodate any emerging systems as they mature. It is in the interest of the project that commitments are not made at this point, to be sure the best decisions and choices will be made. Information will follow in due course.

Specialist consultants

In support, the following have all offered their services to the project:

  • John Downey - safety and human interface: A highly experienced pilot including on Concorde, latterly specialising in human factors and operational issues associated with advanced flight decks and folding wing tips on the Boeing 777-9, requiring liaison with Boeing and regulators.
  • EJA Services Ltd - seaplane operations: Led by Ed Alsford, former MD of the largest seaplane operation in the World in Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA). Based in Ascot, England, Ed will consult on customer needs in design, specification and requirements-capture for warm-water seaplane operations.
  • Harbour Air Ltd - seaplane operations: The biggest seaplane operator and a re-manufacturer in North America, Harbour Air will advise on requirements and participate in review meetings, with a view to becoming the first customer and to take the Ocean 12s into service. It will consult on design, specification and requirements-capture for cold water and winter seaplane operations.
  • Professor Gary Savage - materials and airframe technology: Specialist advisor in composite materials and technologies, Gary's experience covers all aspects of this field from the science of the raw materials through to the manufacture and operation of complex multi-material structures. He was Operations Director of the Honda Formula 1 racing team and his designs have won the Formula 1 championship six times.
  • David Inston – materials and airframe technology: David was the Head of Composite Materials and Processes at Airbus UK until 2014 and is an internationally recognised expert in his field. He is advising on composite and manufacturing process technologies.
  • Dan Griffiths - Test Pilot: Dan flew Harriers operationally. In 1992 he went to the USAF Test Pilot course at Edwards Air Force Base, then posted to the Flight Research site at Boscombe Down for the futuristic fly-by-wire VAAC Harrier. He has been responsible for the Certification and Continued Airworthiness of many types of aircraft ranging from the Airbus A380 to light aircraft. He is seaplane qualified.
  • Phil Aiken - marketing and PR: Specialist Advisor Marketing and PR: Marketing expert with extensive experience within the automotive, marine and aviation sectors including Audi, Bombardier, Porsche AG and Sunseeker International Powerboats. He currently oversees the commercial activity of 'The Blades' aerobatic team. He has been an investor in Warrior with a view to marketing involvement.

Specialist suppliers

Specialist companies that have offered goods and services to the Phase 2 programme, with tasking already agreed, include:

  • Seaspeed Marine Consultancy: Whole hydrodynamic model development programme and hydrodynamic data acquisition for Ocean 2 testing.
  • National Composites Centre: Materials technology and manufacturing process acquisition and design consultancy.
  • Haydale Graphene Industries: Engineering for lightning protection and de-icing using nano-technology, targeting a fully integrated single light-weight solution.
  • Aero 21 Ltd: Aero 21 is accomplished at implementing Part 21 DOA (Design) and POA (Production) approvals, among others.
  • Intrinsys: CATIA system supplier, supporter and design hardware and software in fully integrated system communicating with external design offices.
  • Davis Associates: Specialist in ergonomics and human factors, key to cockpit and cabin design, assessment and development through to safety matters including emergency access etc.
  • Rogers Yacht Design: Cabin mock-up tooling and structural shell manufacture and high-speed marine vessel engineering practice and technology transfer.

Strategic partnerships

The following organisations have offered their services as partners to the Phase 2 programme.

Aerocare Aviation Services: Aerocare refurbishes business jets and makes modifications to aircraft for diverse applications and special operations. It manufactures business-class interiors and wire looms, and also integrates communication systems to aircraft. With the core formed by the former Hawkers manufacturing management team and wide-ranging technicians, the ability to manufacture is embedded in the company. Aerocare is adjacent to land on the same airfield as Airbus UK and can accommodate manufacturing requirements of the Ocean family.

Aerocare maintenance and refurbishment facility
Aerocare maintenance and refurbishment facility

Global Partnerships: Global's executives and engineers offer the experience of wide-ranging airframing programmes including complete airframes. They will manufacture the remaining Ocean 2 demonstrator composite components and complete the airframe. Global will be core in the capture and integration of manufacturing technology suiting the Ocean seaplanes and on through design for manufacture and rate manufacture planning including factory specification.

Airframing programmes by Global Partnership's personnel
Airframing programmes by Global Partnership's personnel

Honeywell Bendix King: The company is investing heavily in a series of new avionics packages that will be highly suited to seaplanes. These will be light, low maintenance (having a minimum of connecting and looming requirements) and be robust (solid-state with no moving parts). Honeywell has offered to equip the Ocean 2 demonstrator with avionics for flight-test purposes and supply associated engineering services. They have also offered to undertake work toward the integration of avionics for night / IMC operations on a risk-sharing basis.

Honeywell Bendix King touch-screen wireless cockpit solution
Honeywell Bendix King touch-screen wireless cockpit solution

Swansea University: Swansea University has a very modern and well equipped 1.5m wind-tunnel and high-specification Computational Fluid Dynamics capability. As an academic partner, Swansea University is undertaking an extensive investigative work programme for the Ocean seaplane project, focused on the Ocean 12 and 18.

Swansea University has led the aerodynamics development of the Bloodhound
Swansea University has led the aerodynamics development of the Bloodhound