The following are estimated specification options and are subject to change without notice.

  GULL 24 GULL 44 GULL 68
Power (SHP) 4 19 45
Wing span (metres) 2.7 5 7.6
Max Weight (adverse sea conditions) (KG) 18 93 250
Useful load (adverse sea conditions) (KG) 6 34 94
Max range, 66% useful-load as fuel (nm) 507 985 1124
Max level flight speed (knots) 74 92 100
Regular wave height capacity, unbroken Any Any Any
Irregular wave or surf height capacity (metres) 0.3 0.55 0.72


These wave capability claims, which are compatible with fresh Seastate 3 for the smallest GULL, are achieved by accelerating only when there is a clear distance to take-off. The GULL is aided by its high lift capacity, high thrust-weight ratio and exceptional features maintaining control authority in the severe turbulence encountered over such rough water.

GULL 24 fly-past
GULL 24 fly-past