Guided by the most experienced seaplane operators in the world and using new material and system technologies suited to saltwater operations, the company is developing a family of new seaplanes and amphibians.

These new 'Ocean' seaplanes effectively remove the constraints of old and will enable aircraft operators in general to multiply applications and routes among diverse high-value destinations.

Ocean Seaplanes

The ‘Ocean’ portfolio of seaplanes and amphibians offer owners and operators new freedoms throughout the maritime sector, including linking inland airfields to waterside destinations and activities.

For more information see the Ocean Seaplanes section.


The GULL UAV seaplanes will increase effects and enable additional roles for unmanned systems in the maritime sector, bringing aerial, surface and sub-surface payloads to bear from inland, shore and ship.

For more information see the GULL UAV section.


The Ocean seaplanes will enable carbon-neutral operations. They also have exceptional environment implications in reducing needs for airfields and both secondary transports and their infrastructure, to leave nature alone and trees standing.

For more information see Environment in the Seaplanes section.


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