The ability to fly anywhere on land or water commands twice the value per seat-mile than in landplanes. Any increase in range or destination options will both attach further value and expand the applications for aviation, in;

  • delivering direct to final destinations with less transfers and using less or no secondary surface transports.
  • facilitating all business and recreational activities where water is the dominant common factor.
  • enabling access to diverse high-value destinations throughout the maritime sector.
Ocean 12 Steps
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Yet current amphibians are prone to corrosion, suffer short airframe lives in salt-water, are highly sensitive to waves and sea-state, and cannot access most water-side facilities because of their wing-spans. Heavy airframes and high levels of both hydrodynamic and aerodynamic drag consume much energy in flying limited payloads for relatively short distances.

Using all of;

  • Warrior's bespoke hull forms that exploit principles that doubled the average top speed of fast ferries and smashed every significant offshore sailing speed record since 1980
  • smart conceptual design to capture all lift, performance and control advantages available from configuration choice and optimisation
  • detail instruction from multiple successful seaplane operators
  • considered engagement with new systems, saltwater-tolerant materials and manufacturing technologies

the portfolio of Ocean seaplanes, with up to 21 seats, offers comprehensive solutions to the constraining factors. They also reduce footprints and relieve airfields and infrastructure to enable environmentally immaculate operations using zero-emission power systems.



Air taxi
Bush utility


Executive transport
VIP transport
Swamp / lake / inshore / offshore industrial support
Feeder for long-range business jets


Search and Rescue
Emergency relief


Flying for adventure and exploration
Access to yachts in marinas and at sea
Access to family vacation destinations
Access to fishing, diving and boating of all types

Ocean 12 Marina Berth
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