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Through to 2001, research was financed by the Handley Page Award of Britain's Royal Aeronautical Society, the Aerospace Division of the UK's Department of Trade and Industry and private venture capital. In 2001 Warrior raised enough funds to commence construction of a six-seat aircraft. As opposed to a low-cost and superficial demonstrator programme, using experienced Certification engineers, Warrior carried out all configuration and detail design work under the instruction of Certification requirements, using a wide range of validation methods.

Ocean 6 trial manufacture using resin-infusion
Ocean 6 trial manufacture using resin-infusion

With difficulties funding this programme through commercialisation subsequent to 9/11, Warrior commenced work on unmanned seaplanes which progressed through successful trialling of sophisticated aircraft, still using much the same configuration and hull form as for the Ocean seaplanes concept.

With the validation from GULL UAV demonstrations and test data in hand, Warrior has returned its attention to civil aircraft.

Warrior has a series of both US and UK shareholders, amongst which are many exceptional engineers who have contributed to the programme. These include specialists who support Formula 1, General Aviation and racing yacht industries.

Awards to Warrior



James Labouchere, CEO: James is the founder and chief architect of Warrior’s original technology. He acted extensively as a consultant to Green Marine Ltd., a builder of a variety of extreme yachts including America’s Cup challengers and round-the-world sailing yachts. His consulting roles have included leading the development of production techniques for complex composite submarine masts. He has been designer and project manager of various extreme marine and land-based vehicles, for which he has been granted a number of awards. These include the Silk Cut Nautical Award for Technical Innovation for the design of a multi-hull yacht, and South West England Young Engineer for Britain (runner-up at the final) with a single-seat biplane modified from an unproven US design. He designed, and built in conjunction with Green Marine, the current holder of the British land yachting speed record (113mph).

Anthony Parker, CTO: Tony has worked within the aerospace and defence industries in roles such as specialist engineer, project manager, design leader, bid manager and consulting engineer. He has gained broad experience from holding positions with major companies including GKN Westland Aerospace, Thales and Flight Refuelling. Areas of expertise are in management of the design process, configuration control and the development of specialist equipment. Tony will continue to take a lead role in the engineering and project activities on GULL and Ocean seaplanes.

Anthony Wood, Non-Exec Director: Tony has 23 years experience in the IT industry specializing in retail banking and payment systems. He was a founding Director and Chairman of an international software house focusing on self-service payment systems and card management software for multinational banking institutions with a client base in over 80 countries. The Company was sold in the second quarter of 2000. Tony currently holds non-executive and management consultancy roles with an IT services Company and two aerospace engineering companies (including Ocean seaplanes).

This board will be expanded with representation for incoming investment and in fielding from Warrior’s team, including consultants and advisors (below).

Advisors to the board and key consultants

The board of Ocean Aircraft Ltd: Set up as a shell company by Warrior to form a potential licensee / commercialisation vehicle for the Ocean seaplanes, Ocean has a strong board of managers and aircraft industry leaders that are actively supporting the Ocean business.

Robert Wilson: Bob has an extensive background in the aircraft industry with the UK-based manufacturer Britten Norman. He has held senior positions including Executive Director (acting CEO), and is currently Chairman and Head of Engineering of Britten Norman Aircraft, a wholly-owned subsidiary of B-N Group.

Keith Towell: Keith has made a major contribution to the development of the Ocean seaplanes with his experience in Certification and design and development skills. Keith has had development roles in Canadair and British Aerospace. At Raytheon Corporate Jets, Keith was Project Design Manager responsible for the development and certification for the Hawker 800XP.

Michael Green – lead aerodynamicist: Mike has spent most of his career at British Aerospace working on civil and military transport aircraft. Having specialised in flight dynamics and aero-elasticity, he is familiar with the full range of aerodynamic activities. He was Chief Aerodynamicist at Woodford and Hatfield sites. Subsequently he has acted as technical consultant on a number of aircraft projects.


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