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The advantages of the Ocean portfolio in terms of performance, practical capabilities and economics, together offer a strong case for replacement sales among 11,000-plus active seaplanes. In offering extensive additional operating and destination options, amphibious Ocean seaplanes are also candidates for replacing equivalent landplanes.

In making aircraft operation compatible with the coastal marine environment and infrastructure, the Ocean seaplanes also give General Aviation the opportunity to expand. This will be an inevitable consequence of connecting inland airfields to diverse maritime destinations and giving aviation the freedom to expand where poorly served by airfields.

Attaching substantial incremental product value in a market that already pays approximately twice as much per useful seat than in landplanes, this business promises the potential of a profitable business opportunity and rewarding investment.

It will also be an exceptionally environmentally considerate investment, as the Ocean seaplanes are being developed for carbon-neutral power technologies, including electric, gas/electric and hybrid. This will consolidate and accumulate inherent environmentally beneficial operating advantages in:

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